Dessert Menu

Tiramisu – Traditional Italian that explodes with flavor.

Crème Brulee – Fresh Vanilla Custard with caramelized top.

Cannoli – A crispy pastry filled with a sweet whipped cheese and chocolate chip mixture.

Banana Flambe – Bananas caramelized with Jamaican Rum, brown sugar and walnuts, served with French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Dark Side of The Moon – Itialian chocolate cake filled with a rich Chocolate Mousse & finished w./ a Chocolate Ganache.

New York Cheese – Made for us fresh in Wilmington. Thick and creamy with a graham cracker crust.

Gelato – Imported gelato from Italy. Chocolate.

Lemon Ripieno – Refreshing lemon sorbetto served in the natural fruit shell.

Queen Cappuccino – Amaretto, Chocolate Liquor , Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and topped with whipped cream.

King Cappuccino – Tia Maria and Myer’s Dark Rum and topped with whipped cream.

Nuts&Berries          Chunkey Monkey          Chocolate Martini

Sambuca(black or white)  – $7.00          Limoncello – $7.00       Grappa – $8.00       Hennessy VS – $7.00       Amaretto Disaronno – $8.00

Frangelico  – $7.00       Grand Mariner – $8.00       Harvey’s Bristol Cream – $7.00       Baileys – $7.00